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Meet Alex

Even before Alex Murphy incurred the wrath of the scorpion, her life wasn’t easy. Abandoned by her father, she is forced to live with her overcritical grandfather while her neglectful mother spends every night out.

At school, Alex has no one. Her best and only friend is moving to a new school, and Alex gets picked on by Blaise, a surly yet popular bully. To make things even worse, Alex is failing social studies because her homework assignments are mysteriously disappearing. She might even have to repeat the sixth grade!

Alex’s only source of comfort is the Mills Estate, where she works after school to earn money for lunch. It is owned by a mysterious woman, run by a buoyant teenager, and most importantly, home to Annie, the brave but ornery pony that Alex helped rescue from a slaughter auction.

But Alex’s life is about to get even more complicated when a freak accident transports her into a mysterious world of zodiac magic. Fitting into the village of Northish-Eastish Kindling is even more difficult since Alex doesn’t have magic like the rest of the villagers. But that doesn’t stop her from doing everything she can to protect her beloved new home when a giant scorpion threatens to destroy it.

Can one extraordinary, ordinary girl save her village, the zodiac, and the entire universe? Will she find out the truth about her father’s mysterious disappearance?


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